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My wit became dazed, I felt as if in a vile dungeon, and hated their society, for I went about in fear lest my wife should die before me and they bury me alive with her.
And I related to them all that had befallen me, whereat they marveled with exceeding marvel.I pray Allah grant thee prosperity and perpetuance, but in very sooth, O King, my tongue is helpless to thank thee for the fullness of the favor, passing all measure, which thou hast bestowed upon.A knock was heard at the gate.Moreover, with amazement as great he saw the carpet dispread between palace and pavilion.'And what is it?'" she, 'I have a queasy craving for an apple, to smell it and bite a bit.' I replied, 'Hadst thou a thousand longings, I would try to satisfy them!' So I went on the instant into the city.
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But inasmuch as ye twain be ignorant of this matter, unknowing its inner from its outer significance, I will pardon you, for indeed ye are but innocents.
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