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I played in a metal band and that music resonated with me for a time and still can, but really my background in music is a lot more shared with Mariam than it is disparate.
We really didnt have to struggle to find talented fits who loved the music and wanted.
Along with that were booking shows in LA and continuing to write new material.
Writing and recording this song was an exciting time of experimenting with tones, buying new pedals and instruments, compiling and discussing the music that inspired us most and really diving into that creative process to find where we were headed.Dkfm: Tell us about the rest of the cast, and how you came together?The writing of this song was definitely a process and a learning curve.We felt a bit selfish in the sense that we loved the music and almost didnt care if it wasnt well received, We were excited about our love for what was happening in the writing at that moment.Ive been really shaped by my early influences in punk music, alternative, indie rock, 80s new wave, 90s des cameras en direct du bresil shoegaze, folk music etc.A capable rhythm section from bassist Kelly Ehrenberg and drummer John Chong keeps the affair well grounded, and this cocktail is mixed to perfection.But seemingly arrived from nowhere, with no warning, in an LA scene that thrives on reputation and back catalogue.And I think thats pretty wonderful, because we both love what we are doing without this dogmatic approach to being more experimental or creating this new alien sound that everyone would sexe bon vivre gravitate towards.So for the record, we are not married.Its fuzzy and swirly, and really emotional actually.Some bands that have inspired that vocal blend are Slowdive, The Raveonettes, and Minor Alps.
We also discovered that we were both in a season of life where we were heavily affected by what was going on in our subconscious states concerning rest- dreaming, lack of sleep, sleep conditions, hence the name of our project.
Scott brought in Phil Schorr for additional guitar chat sexe catanzaro parts, Phil brought in drummer, John Chong.
He did the video for us where we basically just played the song live a bunch and then rehearsed for a show we had in LA, so it was basically a rehearsal for us while he worked some magic.
How did this group come together, and plant this flag, especially when the two of you come from such disparate musical backgrounds?
The other philosophy that we had in common is that we wanted to write and perform music that meant something to us, further meaning, if we wrote something that sounded nostalgic from another inspirational source, we didnt judge ourselves for that, we jumped.
A great deal of care went into making Headrush shine.
We started talking about our recent backgrounds in music, mine leaning towards dream-pop (Silent Violet) and dream-gaze (Los Detroit his background in metal core (Haste The Day but we found that we were headed in the same direction in the kind of music we wanted.LAs Sleep Still have got these studios abuzz in the last three weeks.We were developing our dynamic together and naturally allowing ourselves to find our direction musically.Kelly is traveling for the summer and we have Chris Kellogg filling in, hes also exceptionally talented.I love how he was able to take such a simple space (us playing in an old LA church) and make it so compelling and trippy aesthetically.So instead we really wanted to use our voices to blend almost as one instrument to add to the overall aesthetic.And can a tour be far behind?