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We think that sexe en direct en espagnol WoB Task Groups will be similar to WoT Platoons, but considering specific naval themes, there may be some modifications of the base WoT system.
Of course, there will be some changes driven by the differences between battleships and tanks.
Will Manual Gun/Torpedo Targeting be available if the radar is not acombien de se sexo ao vivo equipped, damaged or destroyed?
Our game designers and historians both agree that we could never include a Destroyer without torpedo launchers.Obviously, the radars of the 1940s were not as precise as modern FCS.Since WoB will not have playable submarines, will an available Sub Patrol Power Up be available to the players or Task Force Commander?There will be very powerful guns and legendary premium ships.No submarines or sub patrols, at all.Will the Task Group / Task Force leader have certain powers available, like Recon Planes, Underway Replenishment or Task Force Reinforcements?As with WoT, our goal is to create a realistic game based on wwii-era warfare.World of Battleships development is still in a rather early stage, so we cannot yet speak with certainty about specifics like this.However, there will one difference: a battleships crew will be bigger than a tanks crew.
Taking WoT Platoons as a base of a Task Group system, there will be some expected changes due to the distinct nature of naval warfare.
With WoTs Clan Wars Commanders Screen setup, can we expect a WoB Task Force Commanders Screen setup as well?
Should we expect WoB Task Group System to be familiar?
A battleships crew and its qualifications wont be connected with repair.Only manual control will be available for main caliber guns and torpedoes and secondary guns and AA guns will be controlled by AI, to make the gameplay more pleasant.Are any Special Weapons available, like Buzz-Bombs or Tactical Nukes?Do crew members have the capability to repair certain parts of damaged systems or will a Repair Token be available as a single-use item?We are very attentive to historical and technical details.These death machines of wwii used to have quite different strategy, tactics and technical features.If Radars are available, how will this affect Naval Gun Accuracy if used?We are going to use the same damage and regenerating systems for battleship crew.Will each crew member be available to be trained in Core Quals as well as additional Qualifications?We are trying, with great care, to recreate the spirit of naval warfare from that time period and therefore are not planning to include any super weapons.Concerning the screen, we are happy with the standard interface and see no reason to change.World of Battleships wont disappoint them in this hope.Our 3D artists and game designers scan detailed literature, schematics and photos of ships closely.

Again, its a question of the level of historical accuracy that we want to achieve in World of Battleships and, as stated, our mission is to create a realistic game.